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Koster Weeping Blue Spruce

  • Each purchaser is assigned a certain color of stripe, dot or checkered ribbon.

    We prefer to dig trees in the spring rather than the fall due to the better survivability and growth. We do have irrigation in several fields to facilitate fall digging w hen necessary. When you are ready to place an order, please contact us by phone or email.

  • Shipping

    Transportation is always an important factor in providing a quality product. In recent years, expenses involved in trucking have risen dramatically. We work hard to get the most dependable trucking at the best price for you. We prefer trucking companies that have experience with nursery stock and are properly equipped with nursery tarps and newer 48′ flat beds capable of hauling 46 to 48,000 pounds. This gives you the best volume for your shipping dollar.

    Dependability is also paramount in shipping. Truckers that call ahead, show up on time to be loaded, and show up at your location to be unloaded on time is critical. Once the trees are on the truck, they are out of our hands and yours, and we are depending on the truck and driver. If you have a preferred, dependable company, we will be glad to use them if they can meet the loading and off loading schedule. If not, we have a list of dependable trucking companies and will provide you with shipping quotes upon request.

    For additional questions or special arrangements, please contact us.

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